Sunday, 1 January 2017

How to easily find long-term inner peace and happiness within yourself

I wrote this short passage to let you know that everyone suffers from a loss of inner peace from time to time. This passage will provide you with methods that will help you find your inner peace.
Sometimes we look down upon ourselves. We feel that others are better than us, that they have achieved high and we are still stuck with the same old problems that seem to get worse by the day. Common mistakes a lot of individuals make is to compare themselves to others. Everyone has their own path in life and what works for one may not necessarily work for another. Think hard about what it is that you long for in life. Every person is shaped in a very unique way, this means that you shouldn’t let others pressure you into participating in things you disagree with. In this journey of finding your inner peace, you need to make it a priority to not give anyone the opportunity to take away your happiness.
In order to truly find your inner peace, you need to stop fixating on the things that are making you feel negatively. You need to find it in yourself to let go of these thoughts and move forward. I know that it really is harder than it sounds but excessively fixating on your issues will not change the situation but will make your problem seem worse than they probably are. I am not saying that you should completely forget your worries but they should not be overpowering your emotions on a daily basis. Find the time to focus on yourself first. We were not born to be miserable or without inner peace. There is more in stock for us than to excessively worry about things all the time.

Here are 5 methods that you can use to help you build that inner peace of yours.
  1. Right after you wake up, tell yourself this: I am great and everything will work itself out. Today I am planting that  positive seed and nothing can hinder me.
  2. Whenever you feel an unease feeling creeping up on you, think about something very positive. Something that really made you happy in the past and keep thinking about it for at least 5 minutes. Do not shift your mind back to the worry but really fixate your mind on that happy thought.
  3. Talk to a trusted person and tell them about your problem rather than bottling this up. Sometimes talking to an individual really helps, someone could introduce you to a new and effective way of tackling that issue that is keeping you from experiencing your full inner peace. If you don’t feel like you can trust anyone that you know, you can always go to an IAPT walk in centre and talk to a qualified therapist. Ask your GP or search the internet for a therapist in your location. These low intensity therapists are often free and / or low in cost.
  4. Before going to bed, take a piece of paper or your diary and note down the best thing that happened to you today. This can be everything from listening to music in the car, talking and laughing with a colleague or friend, or simply enjoying your coffee whilst on break.
  5. Know your worth. Make sure to treat yourself for example by taking some time-out for a massage or even a holiday to get your mind of the negativity. If your budget doesn’t currently allow this then treat yourself to a nice and relaxing bath or to a nice book.
There is a solution to every problem but to solve these and to build your inner peace, you have to be eager and willing to change your situation. Try these five steps every day for at least 3 weeks to build that inner peace of yours.
Stay blessed 

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

How to be happy

It's rather hard to define happiness. Every individual may perceive it to be something else. Whilst one may think that their happiness is linked to their family and friends, others may see happiness to be something more spiritual. Sometimes we face a time where our happiness is decreasing or  non-existent and we may feel as though hiding under sorrow will fix our problems. Instead of hiding, why not try these simple steps to make your day just a little bit happier.  

Step number one: Try and focus on your personal well-being before you take on the problems of others. This does not mean that you have to be selfish but instead, be mindful of your own wishes and desires. If you feel as though you would like to stay at home and not go for a night out with your friends, why not just tell them that you would really like some time to yourself. 

Step number two: Going to sleep early and waking up early can be very calming to a lot of individuals. Why not try and go for a relaxing shower/ bath with nice calming music. Whilst in the shower/ bath, think about times of happiness. No crying or sorrow in the shower! We are trying to be happier remember? Also, try and listen to music with a good message. This will relieve stress and can cause people in automatically feeling happier. 

Step number three: For me, one of the most powerful steps is to always think positively. Just because you are facing a rough patch at this moment does not mean that your whole year needs to be the same. You need to find a way to turn the negative into a positive. For example, if your relationship did not work out and you are heartbroken, you may not see it now but there will be a time where someone will come and appreciate you for everything that you are. Once you reach that time you will probably ask yourself why you were so sad about your previous relationship. 

Be happy in the now. Do not wait until you are married, until you graduated, or until something desirable happens before you let yourself experience happiness. Do not let people take away your happiness and do not follow the crowd. Be happy with you and once you've reached that stage your life will be so much better than it ever was. 

Proverbs 16:20 - He that handles a matter wisely shall find good: and whoever trusts in the LORD, happy is he.

Watch the video by pressing on the following link: 

Stay happy 

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Haul :-)

Hey my lovelies,

Today was such a lovely day. I went shopping for some home decorations. I will be moving out of home soon and also out of England which is why I am buying all of this. I am actually so excited about all of this...I wanted to buy so much more today but I can't be taking all of this into another country, I guess I will have to stop doing that and  buy my thing once I have moved. And yes, I will tell you where I am moving to and when very soon. 

Hallo meine Lieben,
Ich habe im Sommer mein Studium abgeschlossen und plane jetzt aus England zu ziehen. Wo genau ich hin ziehe und wann das sein wird sage ich euch allen wenn es soweit ist. Ich freue mich schon so sehr auf den Umzug, dass ich mir jetzt schon Dekorationen gekauft habe. Ich bin in den Laden gegangen um mich umzuschauen, kam dann aber mit so einiges wieder…..hahah wie immer!!!

I bought four picture frames from IKEA and they were all about £0.45. I like them however, I'm not quite sure if I will paint them white or leave them like that. What do you think?
Ich habe mir Vier Bilderrahmen von IKEA gekauft (£0.45 pro Stück). Ich bin mir aber nicht sicher, ob ich die Rahmen so lasse wie sie sind, oder alle Weiss malen werde... Was denkt ihr?

I also bought some candles. They smell so fruity, which I like. These candles even smell when you don't light them, which in my opinion is great. I also managed to buy another pack of them in mango flavour, they have a more yellow and orange tone to them. These candles come in a pack of 36 and cost under £1.00.

Dann habe ich mir diese Teelichter gekauft, ich liebe den Geruch. Die Teelichter riechen ziemlich fruchtig, selbst wenn man sie nicht zündet riecht man sie im Raum. Zudem habe ich mir auch noch eine Packung mit Mango Geruch gekauft. Diese Teelichter kommen im 36 Pack und kosten unter £1.00.

I just love it when a home smells good. It's so much more inviting and calming don't you think? This I bought at NEXT home store. What I like about this the most is that it looks really pretty and you don't need to use any kind of electricity to use it. This scent is oriental floral and for me, it smells like perfume with a touch of freshness, not fruity or vanilla like at all, more like a white rose scent...It's a bit hard to explain.

Ich liebe es wenn es zuhause gut riecht, weswegen ich mir auch sofort dieses Produkt geschnappt habe. Gekauft habe ich es in NEXT (davon gibt es ein Klamottenladen und ein Möbelladen). Der Duft heißt „Oriental Floral“, es ist aber ziemlich schwer zu beschreiben wie genau dieser Duft riecht, besonders auf Deutsch, weil ich seit mehr als sechs Jahren kein Deutsch mehr geschrieben habe.  Ich würde aber sagen, dass der Duft mich an einer weißen Rose erinnert.   
After this, I went to a shop called Little Timbers. they sell all sorts of items related to home decoration. I thought this was a nice quote to hang up my wall however, I'm not quite sure which wall to hang it on. I was thinking the hallway or what about outside at the front door?

Danach bin ich in ein Laden gegangen der sich Little Timbers nennt. Die verkaufen allerlei Dekorationen die man im Haus verwenden kann. Der Laden war so süß, ich wollte dort nicht mehr raus. Ich mochte den Spruch auf der Tafel und dachte ich kaufe es, bin mir aber nicht sicher, wo ich es hin hängen soll. Vielleicht im Flur? oder an der Eingangstür? 

Love these two, I bought them at the same store. These are actually magnets but they also have a hook to hang it up on the wall. I think I will put these in the kitchen.
Diese Sprüche finde ich auch so toll, habe diese Magneten im selben Laden gekauft. Ich glaube ich hänge die mir in die Küche.  

OMG... how cute is that? This item can in my opinion be used for a variety of things, I will definitely use it as a key holder hmmm or I will just put my jewellery on it.


Wie süß ist das? Ahhh…ich freu mich dieses Object gefunden zu haben... es zeig, dass ich auch in England gewohnt habeJ. Ich glaube man kann das Herz für viele Zwecke benutzen, ich werde meine Schlüssel darauf hängen (hmmm oder vielleicht doch mein Schmuck?).

This is my favourite. It just highlights that you need to treasure your family and friends as much as you can. This I will put somewhere, where everyone can see it. It looks so old and has a country style to it. It is just pretty.

Das ist mein Lieblingsspruch. Es zeigt das man seine Familie und gute Freunde kostbar sind und man SIE nicht für selbstverständlich halten soll, die sind so wichtig im Leben. Ich werde es dort hin hängen wo alle es sehen werden. 

Which product did you like the most?
I hope all of you have a lovely weekend.
Was mochtet ihr am liebsten?
Ich hoffe ihr hattet heute alle ein guten Tag.

Much love

Friday, 30 September 2011

Happy Birthday To my MUM (Mutti)

Hey my lovelies....

so today is my mums birthday...

My sister and I decided to plan a surprise party for her. I know a lot of people say that but my mum is the best..she is always there when we need her and we can talk to her about everything. Even if my friends have a problem, they always come to her either because they can't talk to their own mum or because they really like the advice my mum gives them. I have so much fun being around her, she is beautiful inside and out. We all love her soooo much :-)

It was so much fun.... we went to a Chinese restaurant and had dinner and  we bought her this expensive cake. We arranged the staff of that restaurant to bring it to us after dinner.. and they put a little candle on top of it. Adding to that, the whole restaurant was singing happy birthday to my mum and everyone in the restaurant started clapping at the end. It was so nice and she was very surprised.

It was the perfect day with the perfect people, perfect location, perfect weather (28 degrees), perfect mum..everything just fell into place.

Happy birthday :->

I do not have a picture of the whole cake we ate it all and it was really delicious. It had fruit in the cake and the cake was surrounded by white chocolate.

NOTE: I am still working on my photography skills lol

The restaurant we went to is known as: Taipan Dim Sum

This was my sisters starter. It did not arrive like that it actually looked really nice. There was so much on the plate and it was delicious. The only thing I did not like was the seaweed..the greenish thing on the plate. There were squids, scallops, prawns and much more on the plate.

This was my main course: Sizzling Szechaun King Prawn £12.80. It arrives on the table literally sizzling...the whole plate was bubbling and covered in some kind of smoke.. very impressive I have to say. I also ordered a side dish of rice which I shared with my mum.

It was very tasty but I am not really a fan of huge onions like that so I just left them out. It was hot as well which I liked and the texture of the prawns were really good.

The cake. The cake was so nice OMG. So juicy and delicious. The fresh fruit together with the white chocolate that surrounded the cake really made the cake. The sponge was creamy just right to compliment the fruit. For that price I have to say that the cake was worth buying.

I hope you all had a lovely day
Stay Blessed

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Straightened Hair - Hot Pink Cheetah Style

Hey my lovelies...

It has been a while hasn't it?!?

I hope you are all doing well.....

Soo today I went to guess where...B&M... Yeah I know again :-)

I just really like that store since they hold a variety of products.

So I went in the store aiming to find just simple things like shampoo and conditioner for my hair and a duvet cover since this weekend I was in the middle of moving. For a while now I have been looking for a small hair straightener to straighten my roots from time to time and so far I only knew of the ones from BaByliss.
When I went to B&M the first thing I saw was a bunch of mini flat irons.. I have to say that they were all looking really cute... especially the pink one. This flat iron ranges from a variety of colours such as blue, green hot pink, cheetah prints in pink and purple and much more. The brand of this flat iron is known as Stylestudio.

Now let us look at the good and the not so good things about this flat iron


-The packaging looked really inviting 

-I really like that they have the iron in various colours with and without prints on them

-The product is very cheap £6.99

- The flat iron goes up to 200 degrees
-Ceramic Centred Metal Plate 
- Long Cable
-Very soft on the hair
-Easy on/off button 

Not so Good:

* The yellow bit I marked indicates the area that is usually very hot which also is the case for this flat iron.
* Note that my hands are very small...
The hand area (the area marked in orange) I have to say is still quite hot which I don't think is supposed to be like that because there is almost no space to actually hold the flat iron.
* Because of that you would have to place your hand in-between the orange and green area for you not to burn your hand.
* Also, do not get to close to the area marked as green...When you glide your hair through the flat iron the green area goes up and down and you might get your hand suck in there..So be careful with that.
* You cannot adjust the heat setting with this flat iron either as there only is a on and off button but what do you expect with that price?!?

Overall I like this comes at an affordable price, looks quite cute and is very compact. My hair came out so soft and shiny with this flat iron and I did not burn my scalp when I got right down to straighten my roots. However, the "Hand Space" is not very generous to be honest. It gets 7 out of 10 from me. 

Do you own a mini flat iron? How is it working for you?

Stay blessed 


Friday, 19 August 2011

Skin Doctors Ingrow Go Ingrown Hair Lotion Review

Hey my lovelies....

Do you suffer from ingrown hair?
A lot of people I know suffer from ingrown hair..some more than others...

What is it?

When your hair grows backwards or even sideways into your skin you will notice dots on your legs or arms or wherever you might get them. This is especially common for people with thick or curly hair and they are also most likely to appear in areas that are being shaved.

I have got ingrown hair on my leg but they are not that major at all. I had a look at Google and the stuff they showed was just too much if yours looks like that then I really would suggest that you go to a dermatologist...they will give you the best advise possible.

I love trying out different products...yeah sometimes even when I clearly don't need it. One day I thought hmmm the ingrown hair on my legs are not that visible so I should be able to get rid of it easily right?!? So I started looking for products.

I came across a lot of different products but somehow this one here stood out to me. The brand is called Skin Doctors and here is what they say:

Ingrow Go contains deep, exfoliating ingredients that help ingrown hairs POP OUT in as little as 24 hours, leaving skin smooth, clear and bump free. Use regularly and you may never have to suffer the embarrassment of ingrown hairs or razor bumps again. Perfect for legs, underarms, bikini line, neck, face (beard) or anywhere hair removal results in bumps or redness".


I do not think so at all. Honestly, I would really have to disagree with what they are claiming. The POP OUT part has to be my favourite... I did not see anything popping out of my legs at all. To me my legs look exactly the same. I would understand it when someone does not use the product on a regular basis but I did. Luckily for me my ingrown hairs are not really noticeable, only if you really look closely.

By the way..this product smells exactly like nail polish remover....I am not sure if this is good or bad so I am not going to elaborate on that.

I wonder how this product would work on someone that really has a lot of ingrown hair on their body. As of now I can say that it does not really do anything for mild cases of ingrown hair on the legs.

Did you try this product or any other ingrown hair products? How did it work for you?

Price: £8.17
                                                                         Price: £10.51