How to easily find long-term inner peace and happiness within yourself

I wrote this short passage to let you know that everyone suffers from a loss of inner peace from time to time. This passage will provide you with methods that will help you find your inner peace.
Sometimes we look down upon ourselves. We feel that others are better than us, that they have achieved high and we are still stuck with the same old problems that seem to get worse by the day. Common mistakes a lot of individuals make is to compare themselves to others. Everyone has their own path in life and what works for one may not necessarily work for another. Think hard about what it is that you long for in life. Every person is shaped in a very unique way, this means that you shouldn’t let others pressure you into participating in things you disagree with. In this journey of finding your inner peace, you need to make it a priority to not give anyone the opportunity to take away your happiness.
In order to truly find your inner peace, you need to stop fixating on the things that are making you feel negatively. You need to find it in yourself to let go of these thoughts and move forward. I know that it really is harder than it sounds but excessively fixating on your issues will not change the situation but will make your problem seem worse than they   probably are. I am not saying that you should completely forget your worries but they should not be overpowering your emotions on a daily basis. Find the time to focus on yourself first. We were not born to be miserable or without inner peace. There is more in stock for us than to excessively worry about things all the time.

Here are 5 methods that you can use to help you build that inner peace of yours.
  1. Right after you wake up, tell yourself this: I am great and everything will work itself out. Today I am planting that  positive seed and nothing can hinder me.
  2. Whenever you feel an unease feeling creeping up on you, think about something very positive. Something that really made you happy in the past and keep thinking about it for at least 5 minutes. Do not shift your mind back to the worry but really fixate your mind on that happy thought.
  3. Talk to a trusted person and tell them about your problem rather than bottling this up. Sometimes talking to an individual really helps, someone could introduce you to a new and effective way of tackling that issue that is keeping you from experiencing your full inner peace. If you don’t feel like you can trust anyone that you know, you can always go to an IAPT walk in centre and talk to a qualified therapist. Ask your GP or search the internet for a therapist in your location. These low intensity therapists are often free and / or low in cost.
  4. Before going to bed, take a piece of paper or your diary and note down the best thing that happened to you today. This can be everything from listening to music in the car, talking and laughing with a colleague or friend, or simply enjoying your coffee whilst on break.
  5. Know your worth. Make sure to treat yourself for example by taking some time-out for a massage or even a holiday to get your mind of the negativity. If your budget doesn’t currently allow this then treat yourself to a nice and relaxing bath or to a nice book.
There is a solution to every problem but to solve these and to build your inner peace, you have to be eager and willing to change your situation. Try these five steps every day for at least 3 weeks to build that inner peace of yours.
Stay blessed