Friday, 30 September 2011

Happy Birthday To my MUM (Mutti)

Hey my lovelies....

so today is my mums birthday...

My sister and I decided to plan a surprise party for her. I know a lot of people say that but my mum is the best..she is always there when we need her and we can talk to her about everything. Even if my friends have a problem, they always come to her either because they can't talk to their own mum or because they really like the advice my mum gives them. I have so much fun being around her, she is beautiful inside and out. We all love her soooo much :-)

It was so much fun.... we went to a Chinese restaurant and had dinner and  we bought her this expensive cake. We arranged the staff of that restaurant to bring it to us after dinner.. and they put a little candle on top of it. Adding to that, the whole restaurant was singing happy birthday to my mum and everyone in the restaurant started clapping at the end. It was so nice and she was very surprised.

It was the perfect day with the perfect people, perfect location, perfect weather (28 degrees), perfect mum..everything just fell into place.

Happy birthday :->

I do not have a picture of the whole cake we ate it all and it was really delicious. It had fruit in the cake and the cake was surrounded by white chocolate.

NOTE: I am still working on my photography skills lol

The restaurant we went to is known as: Taipan Dim Sum

This was my sisters starter. It did not arrive like that it actually looked really nice. There was so much on the plate and it was delicious. The only thing I did not like was the seaweed..the greenish thing on the plate. There were squids, scallops, prawns and much more on the plate.

This was my main course: Sizzling Szechaun King Prawn £12.80. It arrives on the table literally sizzling...the whole plate was bubbling and covered in some kind of smoke.. very impressive I have to say. I also ordered a side dish of rice which I shared with my mum.

It was very tasty but I am not really a fan of huge onions like that so I just left them out. It was hot as well which I liked and the texture of the prawns were really good.

The cake. The cake was so nice OMG. So juicy and delicious. The fresh fruit together with the white chocolate that surrounded the cake really made the cake. The sponge was creamy just right to compliment the fruit. For that price I have to say that the cake was worth buying.

I hope you all had a lovely day
Stay Blessed


  1. It loks soooo yummy! Wish I could eat it now :)

  2. Yammy...I want a little part of this...hmmmm!!

    1. I know it was soo delicious :-) thanks for stopping by!