Friday, 19 August 2011

Skin Doctors Ingrow Go Ingrown Hair Lotion Review

Hey my lovelies....

Do you suffer from ingrown hair?
A lot of people I know suffer from ingrown hair..some more than others...

What is it?

When your hair grows backwards or even sideways into your skin you will notice dots on your legs or arms or wherever you might get them. This is especially common for people with thick or curly hair and they are also most likely to appear in areas that are being shaved.

I have got ingrown hair on my leg but they are not that major at all. I had a look at Google and the stuff they showed was just too much if yours looks like that then I really would suggest that you go to a dermatologist...they will give you the best advise possible.

I love trying out different products...yeah sometimes even when I clearly don't need it. One day I thought hmmm the ingrown hair on my legs are not that visible so I should be able to get rid of it easily right?!? So I started looking for products.

I came across a lot of different products but somehow this one here stood out to me. The brand is called Skin Doctors and here is what they say:

Ingrow Go contains deep, exfoliating ingredients that help ingrown hairs POP OUT in as little as 24 hours, leaving skin smooth, clear and bump free. Use regularly and you may never have to suffer the embarrassment of ingrown hairs or razor bumps again. Perfect for legs, underarms, bikini line, neck, face (beard) or anywhere hair removal results in bumps or redness".


I do not think so at all. Honestly, I would really have to disagree with what they are claiming. The POP OUT part has to be my favourite... I did not see anything popping out of my legs at all. To me my legs look exactly the same. I would understand it when someone does not use the product on a regular basis but I did. Luckily for me my ingrown hairs are not really noticeable, only if you really look closely.

By the way..this product smells exactly like nail polish remover....I am not sure if this is good or bad so I am not going to elaborate on that.

I wonder how this product would work on someone that really has a lot of ingrown hair on their body. As of now I can say that it does not really do anything for mild cases of ingrown hair on the legs.

Did you try this product or any other ingrown hair products? How did it work for you?

Price: £8.17
                                                                         Price: £10.51


  1. I have really bad ingrown hair on my legs. I have not tried this yet but I will later today

    1. Great... Let me know how you liked it :-)

      stay blessed